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Welcome to Tsoku woman Agenda, an online community for future leaders who want to live their purpose and use their humanity and connectedness to reach their potential as inspired by the philosophy of Ubuntu.

The philosophy of Ubuntu (Humanity)

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  • Tsoku Woman “Ubuntu philosphy driven” Manifesto to highlight the importance of associating our humanity with connectedness to others. To remind us that we exist or succeed because of others.

  • Leadership Checklistto focus on our God given talents and leadership characteristics that are essential for our growth.

  • Self-Care Checklist- to revive our energy essential for self development. Remember the quote:

I am not the best, but I am trying my best

Source Unknown
  • Goal planningbecause growth is all about planning.

Goals are good for setting direction, systems are best for making progress.

James Clear, Atomic Habits (Book)
  • Passion discovery exercisesto explore within to find out what you really love and help you describe, understand, stand up for and protect your “WHY”

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We call our followers TW Agenda Captains because we believe an aircraft is a very sophisticated machine almost like our life agendas, therefore everyone is a pilot or even better, a captain of his/her life. It is your choice whether to steer your sophisticated craft 30° North ( I made this up 😀) or 3° South West, you just need to be well informed to make those decisions based on where your purpose lies in life or what you want to achieve. That’s where we want to help by sharing tips and tricks for inspiration.

Dr Lebogang Ponatshego

Supporting & Empowering YOU

We believe in seeing YOU live up to fulfill YOUR purpose and to find the leader within yourself. Once that happens, you become in control of your own life and make decisions that puts you first ,benefits you first before you look after others, being your family members, your employees or those you lead in the workplace etc. Legend has it that fill your cup first before you pour out for others.

Success is not only becoming the greatest of all times, it means doing your best to become the best version of yourself and still enjoying the process. We are passionate about building a supportive network where the principle, “I am because we all are” is our melody that we all dance to. We look forward to interviews with inspirational leaders from all walks of life who are defining success in their own ways. We want to help you do so too.

We are greatly inspired by the principle of Ubuntu.

We empower you to nurture the habits of a successful leader, while you find and follow your passion to enjoy the journey even more.

Here , we welcome you to join our community, where we support you on your exciting journey to finding the leader within, where you will always leave inspired and ready to take on the world.

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The philosophy of Ubuntu in the Setswana(Botswana) language
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