I decided to experiment with rinsing my scalp with green tea instead of using hair shampoo.

An empty spray bottle is every girl’s best friend!!
starting with dry hair

Prepare the green tea mixture
Boil water and add the teabag

Let it cool to be warm
using head bands,
separarte hair into thin/medium sections to make it easy to reach the scalp
spray the tea solution onto the scalp and keep on massaging gently.
Finally rinse the hair with clean water and blot dry.
For my conditioning step ,I mixed the 3 Products below , with water in a spray bottle
Tresemme moisture rich conditioner, just a little bit to use it as a leave in
Laxi moisturiser ( bought from PEP stores)
Cooking olive oil,to seal in the moisture into my hair
I did a chunky twistout and let it to airdry

The following day my scalp felt so clean and fresh, remember this was an experiment, I did not get any breakage and had no frizz because I conditioned it well.

Cheers! Thanks for reading the “Hairloversforum” .

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