About 2 years ago i had relaxed hair. I did not like my hair because I thought it looked damaged and was very thin and I am a type of girl concerned about having that volume…you ladies know what i’m talking about.I used creme relaxers every six months and used hot blow-dryers and hair flat iron everyday as long as I did not have any protective style on. I felt like my hair was not growing.The creme relaxers and heat had damaged my hair that it was no longer black but almost brownish especially at the ends.

I Hated this hair texture!!!I decided to find ways of getting my hair  volume, I did hair treatment masks, oiled my scalp, put it in protective styles etc….
but I was still not satisfied! I came across videos on youtube , girls growing their natural hair,as well as their hair care regimen and with thick healthy hair! .  I started transitioning to natural starting june 2013, I told myself that I’m done putting chemicals on my hair- this must stop!!   By December 2013, I made my first chop of my weak  hair ends and there was this strong , black afro growing beneath, I was excited to see how my hair will do in its original texture.

On this day I had one of my girlfriends do my braids because I was not used to walking around with short hair!

From December 2013 I watched my hair grow in thickness and rich black colour and  I fell in love with it day by day and I learnt how to care for it!!! Caring for my natural hair inspired me to care for my body as a whole!
Until currently, I am in love with my 4C hair, It amazes me everytime I take it off my Protective styles, to see how healthy it is. Besides, I still face challenges of the tendency of 4C to tangle, dryness (since some moisturisers do not work for 4C), shrinking too much after moisture contact( needs to be stretched with light tension).When it comes to my natural hair type 4C, I prefer to go cheap as long I know what my hair wants. 4C hair loves rehydration and sealed with an oil. I occasionally use a wide toothed comb if I need to detangle my hair thouroughly, but on regular bases I use my fingers to gently separate the hair ends. Unrefined coconut oil is my favourite deep  conditioning oil and it adds a lot of shine with a pleasant aroma.
I love my hair healthy, This is a 2 day old twistout captured in April 2015.
Cheers! Thanks for reading about my hair transitioning story “Hairloversforum

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