My 12 tips on natural hair care for beginners

  1. Know your hair type
    The curl/coil pattern determinesĀ  the hair type.



2.Know the porosity level of your hair. The simple method of testingĀ  porosityĀ to get a rough idea is by fillingĀ  a regularĀ  glass withĀ  water and then immersingĀ  your hair strand for 10+minutes. If it floats,then it isĀ  low porosity,which means your hair is not taking up enough water.If it sinksĀ  to the middleĀ  of theĀ  glass,then the hair is of mediumĀ  porosity.


If it settles at the bottom of theĀ  glass, then it is high porosity,meaning that it takes up as much water as possibleĀ  and can easilyĀ  lose it at the same rate if dried and therefore moisture needs to be sealed in.

3.Ā  You will determine theĀ  financialĀ  demandsĀ  of your own hair.


You are the one to decide on what productsĀ  to use, people who DIY products and stylingĀ  normally spendĀ  less compared to those whoĀ  will choose to buy lots of products or go to salons all the time.

4.Do your researchĀ  on the accessibilityĀ  of productsĀ  dependingĀ  on your location.


5.Expect SocietalĀ  acceptance challenges
People will be fascinatedĀ  aboutĀ  yourĀ  hair or find it differentĀ  and will askĀ  a lot of questionsĀ  and will touch it with or withoutĀ  asking

image6. Your might have toĀ  DIY (do it yourself ) if your locationĀ  has no naturalĀ  hair salons. You willĀ  have to do your own twisting, braiding e.t.c to beat shrinkageĀ  during washdays or even protectiveĀ  styling


7.Have a night routineĀ  to maximizeĀ  moisture retention.

imageI prefer spritzingĀ  my hair with a mixture of aloe vera juice, natural omegaĀ  oils or just virgin oliveĀ  oil and water at nightĀ  and then stretch in twists /banding,

imagecovering with aĀ  satin bonnet / scarf. In the morningĀ  I usuallyĀ  unravelĀ  the twists

imageand apply a mixture of raw Shea Butter and coconut oil.

imageI also boost my curls with this curl activator from Hask.

imageIt defines my curls very well and provides my hair with a perfectĀ  defined seal.


8.Your hair is just as unique as you, What works for another person might not work for you! Study your hair everyday, it is a process to know what your hair wants and what reallyĀ  works for your hair, you will Have to keep tryingĀ  products, methods etc Huh!? What if yourĀ  hair was to have allergies?Who will know? -only you! For example your hair could be proteinĀ  sensitiveĀ  and you have to know that.


9.Your lifestyle affects your hair health, rememberĀ  hair is just like any other bodyĀ  organ. Be sure to eat healthy and keep fit,hair loves vitamins and minerals.


  1. Being natural is not a fashion trend, it is a way of life.


11. Natural hair hates chemicals such as silicones,ammonia, sulphates etc. Those chemicals are present in our everydayĀ  shampoos, conditioners,hair colouring dyes/treatments etc. Prolonged heat treatments such as blow dryingĀ  or flat ironing does not do our hair any good either but damagesĀ  it. Our hair hates tension brought by combing, weaving, braiding, tight buns etc if this tensionĀ  continues throughoutĀ  lifeĀ  it may lead to tractionĀ  alopecia or permanentĀ  hairĀ  loss causedĀ  byĀ  constantĀ  pulling out of new hairĀ  from their follicles.

imageBraids are usually too tight andĀ  heavy for the hairline.


  1. Most importantly your basic tools are pickers wide-toothed comb (optional) , spray bottles, mixing bowls and bobby pins.


imageI use a wide toothed comb on wet hair during my conditioning process to detangle my hair. For the picker,just gently pick my hair at the roots ONLY to blend in the hair for my twist outs.
imageThank you for reading the hair lover’s forum, please comment, like and share ,Let us know your basic care to your natural hair.

With bobby pins, I am able to style my hair as I wantIMG_20150923_204420_wm


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