Tea lover 4C hair


My hair happens to be loving green tea rinses, these can be done after washing but I once did on dry hair. I brew my teabags in boiling water in a cup and let them cool .

I then section my hair  and tie with ribbons to be able to reach my scalp easily. I then pour the tea in a spray bottle and spray onto the scalp as I keep gently massaging the scalp.12544151_986837444709362_166116887_o

Green Tea rinse benefits

  1. Promotes growth due to the  caffeine
  2. Strenghtens the hair strands by infusing panthenol into the hair shaft. Panthenol acts as a humectant-a substance that retains moisture/attracts moisture and hence keeps our hair hydrated
  3. after tea rinses my hair feels amazingly soft  ,moisturised and very manageable. As I run my wide-toothed  comb through my 4C kinky strands , they feel less knotty, frizz free and does not shed much.
  4. Reduce dandruff by infusing antioxidants  into the scalp and hair shaft
  5.   Green tea has been shown to strengthen the hair strands to reduce shedding and reduces split ends

My green tea rinse results: notice the ends, knot and frizz free…I love green tea for my body and hair.

Thank you for reading the hairlovers forum, please like ,comment and share- let us know your thoughts and how your natural hair react to tea rinses!


4 responses to “Tea lover 4C hair”

  1. Thank you for this! I’m going to try it after my next wash!


  2. For sure cmd1994, you will definitely love it!


  3. Thanks for posting. Someone told me I should try a beer rinse but I think I’m going to try this instead


  4. You are welcome @yazzytaughtm3!please do


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