African fashion inspired accessories collection


Dumelang ditsala! ( greetings friends) I have recently found passion on accessorising with earth-coloured jewellery including shell and wooden made accessories etc.I have listed a few of my earthy-coloured accessories that I personally own and are my favourite. You will be able to find some of these , if not similar, anywhere in the African continent.


My shield-shaped wooden hair clip/pin, I fell in love with the wooven and beaded decor on top.I grabbed these from the shelves of one shop at Borakanelo mall, Serowe Botswana.


Being a farmer in Botswana, I found this hat farm-fashionable and just amazing. I love the material. I got this hat from Landmark stores, Gaborone, Botswana.


Here is a similar hairclip to the one above, I loved the flowery decor  that it has on top. I found it at Borakanelo mall, Serowe, Botswana as well.


I have always loved the colour mustard in my earthy-coloured jewellery. It adds that brightness and colour to them , and that is the most outstanding thing to me about this neckpiece.


Yes! more and more neckpieces, this one is a beaded neckpiece that covers the neck and shoulders, I was highly inspired  by the beauty of south african women wearing these  and I decided to own one.I found it at Main-mall markets, Gaborone,Botswana.

This ivory and brown headband/headpiece right here my sister! …is the closest traditional accessory to my heart. It is normally worn by women in Botswana during traditional dance festivals or other traditional performances and originates among the Khoi-san or Bushman tribe.It is made from ostrich eggshell . A friend got it for me from Main mall markets in Gaborone, Botswana.


These wooden semi-circle studs, are just simple and lovely. They are actually clip-ons to the ear. From Borakanelo mall, Serowe, Botswana.

These wooden earrings  hang loosely on the ear. They are lovely and just “earthy” the way I like them.I got them from one of the shops at OR Tambo international airport markets, Johannesburg, South Africa.


I used to hate bracelets for no reason when I was a teenager, but I got this ‘earthy-beaded’ bracelet as a gift from my husband and it was just irresistible, I wore it on my wedding day as well.From OR Tambo international airport markets ,Johannesburg, South Africa.


Talking of bracelets, here is the sister to my ivory & brown head-piece. This ivory bracelet is just amazing, not to forget that its “earthy” as well. Courtesy of a friend who got it for me from Main mall markets in Gaborone, Botswana.


This beaded necklace is not only earthy, but colourful as well. It adds colour to most of my outfits. From main mall markets, Gaborone, Botswana.

This neckpiece is wooden and it is  lightweight, I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it hanging in a shop at Borakanelo mall, Serowe, Botswana.You know why, because it is sooo “earthy”


I love these animal skin sandals . Don’t you feel like touching that fur? ‘the softness on my feet’. They are just gorgeous and traditional .From Main mall markets, Gaborone , Botswana.


This bracelet is lovely, it hooks onto the middle finger and it is then tied around the wrist to cover the back of the palm. I do not know where this style originates from, but I decided to own one.From Main mall markets, Gaborone , Botswana.

Thank you for stopping by! comment below , let us know your thoughts on earth colours, like and follow blog for more Botswana traditional passions you might like. Cheers!

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