how I tuck in my hair ends


To all my ladies out there with the struggle of doing your own hair, you are not alone , the challenges of doing my own hair are:

  1. risk of too much force, hence pulling hair too much
  2. missing the back because I can’t see
  3. braiding hair  at weird angles because the mirror image is not a true image,
  4. arm muscles get tired because they are not used to the prolonged overhead position and I get delayed because I have to take breaks!

NOTE: all the above challenges get better with practice!

Watch me  do my hair before bed here

I start off by detangling and  washing my kinks


I then condition and then stretch my hair to air-dry it stretched.


I then style as I wish


That is my simple daily routine in pictures, please comment and let me know your daily care or management of your natural hair!


lots of love

Lebo @tsokungwoman



5 responses to “how I tuck in my hair ends”

  1. Beautiful hair you have. I envy you right now. You have to do that every night? When am not in protective style,i do a cornrow and wear my satin bonnet. Doing my hair is one heavy work. I cant imagine doing that every night


  2. Hey @naturalrify, thanks for stopping by, this year I haven’t done much of protective styling , I either twist ,braid or band my hair at night to keep it stretched after washing or moiturising, so it doesn’t tangle more during the night, it is a challenge I know!

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  3. Oh Lebo, I hope to someday be as good as this as you are… I bought this silk scarf, that I simply tie on when I’m too tired to braid the hair at night. But your routine seems healthier…7 months after my big chop and I’m learning 🙂
    Thank you!

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