Places to visit: Dunedin Railway station

Dunedin city is located in Otago Region,in the South Island of New Zealand.

Rear view of Dunedin Railway station

The Dunedin raiway station is one of the most beautiful places in Dunedin city , to visit. Owned by the Dunedin city council and located at the Anzac square , Dunedin New Zealand, The railway station was opened in  1906.

The front of the Dunedin railway station is stunning, it is Popular  for its beautiful  art of architecture.

DSC_0198DSC_0194DSC_0224 - CopyDSC_0218DSC_0216DSC_0197 - Copy




The station is a busy area daily, it accommodates buses that drop-off and pick up people for public travel or  tourists and  private cars. It is a major area for photography as well as an area of family outings during Dunedin’s beautiful sunny days.

The rear view  of the station is not as stunning as the front, but it is still wonderful, It has some coffee shops.



The neighbour-hood to the Dunedin railway station:

DSC_0199 - Copy
residential buildings opposite the Dunedin Railway station


official buildings near Dunedin railway station
Cadbury Chocolate factory
Official buildings near Dunedin Railway station
Hotel building near Dunedin railway station

Night shots of the beautiful Dunedin railway station:


The most important thing is that all of the above , is my neighbourhood…I love it

Lots of love from

Lebo @tsokungwoman

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