My first experience with Henna



A friend recommended henna for my hair, to use as a strengthening treatment especially after protective styling. I used the following ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar, Henna powder and water to balance out the apple cider vinegar.

I used the pencil to stir and mix the henna and the vinegar


I mixed the henna and covered it for about 12 hours (overnight). I then applied coconut oil to my hair and covered in a plastic cap  and left it in my hair overnight as a pre-poo.

The following morning , I detangled and sectioned my hair;


I applied a Clarifying shampoo by Giovanni.




I then got my henna mixture and re-stirred, it was darker showing that the henna had released.


henna ready for application with gloves


I lined my sink with paper to avoid staining, applied coconut oil around my forehead and ears to prevent henna staining my face as well. After application, I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and left henna mix to sit on my hair for 7 hours. I put the remaining mix in the freezer.  4-8 hours is  recommended time for henna on hair. I then  rinsed my hair under running water until the water was all clear.


I then deep conditioned my hair for 2 hours with the Argan Oil Intense deep conditioning Hair treatment by Hask beauty .


I then rinsed thoroughly with water and applied a Cold pressed virgin olive oil.


I then applied Shea-butter as a complete seal for my hair.


I then twisted  and air- dried my hair.




Loosened curl pattern

Strong hair ends/reduced breakage

Colour popping

Shiny and just full of life

Thank you for stopping by!

Lebo @tsokungwoman

2 responses to “My first experience with Henna”

  1. Welcome to the world of henna! 🙂 Your hair looks lovely!

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  2. Hey thanks for stopping by @maicurls, thank you, I love henna

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