My Grandparents home|My childhood home


Hello everyone on the internet! I share my passion and inspirations on my blog all the time and I thought something was missing, which is a home closest to my heart, My grandparents home. Here it is , to share with you all , the home that sheltered me throughout my childhood. We all love and respect our childhood homes and will always go back to visit, no matter after how long we have been away from these homes.

This home is located in a remote cattlepost/lands area called Mmaleiso, in the village of Maisane/ Mosamowakwena in the Southern District of Botswana. On the trans Kalahari highway (A2 road) from Kanye town to Lobatse town, A little bit past the Lotlhakane village, at about 20 km from Kanye,the turn to the left leads you to the Mmaleiso lands and Cattleposts.

At some point , it seemed like we have abondened this home, the houses were sadly falling apart, the fence was weakened,


Old home during the Winter season
Enter a caption
Old home during the summer season


Our old valuables were just sitting there , not being used and just getting damaged by Oxygen reactions (RUST!)

This donkey-cart is a valuable, scroll down and see it in use!
This ploughing equipment is still needed regardless of the rust
This old wheelbarrow does not qualify to be classified as waste
This mounted vice belonged to my grandfather who was a metal-worker, I still haven’t lost hope on that wooden mortar either..
Children find this one valuable to practice mechanics
This old half-wall is our scrap-yard to store potentially useful equipment


BUT at some point we decided to come back, and pour all our love for this highly cherished home to me and my family, we wanted it to always look like a cherished home, and this is what we did for it: We dedicated to hold celebration events there, which led to appropriate renovations for a loved home.

Our animals are our pride, My grandparents sustained their lives and our education expenses with cattle rearing:

old animal kraal
new metal fenced animal kraal


Young cows being photogenic, what a pose!!



When I was a child, my grandmother was a leader of a community choir, This home used to host the choir practice sessions and even the Setswana traditional choir competitions as well. These were free of charge events where community members just volunteered to contribute animals to be slaughtered, food or money, to make the events a success. This home being the last one from the main A2 road before the Mmamonkge river,  is still a stopover point today for farmers who take their livestock to the river boreholes to drink , strangers who pass by to collect firewood near the riverbanks or even construction company workers who come all the way to get the river-sand for using it for their building and brickmaking processes.

During Christmas and New Year celebrations we slaughter a goat for a rich meal we have during family celebrations.


hanging freshly slaughtered meat to drain most of the liquid
Cooking the goat intestines, tripe and other internals to make the Botswana popular ,  “serobe”
note the “lomipi”/ animal fat drying-out hanged on the shed-fence
clothes drying line
cooking phaleche/pap/maizemeal and warming water in that big-black fire-tank


The fire/cooking area made of tree branches locally known as Matlhakwana/sekorobane etc



This is now the new home after we all poured out our love for it  to make it amazing and great again;

Processed with VSCO
My bubbly cousins during a family christmas holiday celebration
The donkey cart that was abandoned as above, now in use. My lovely cousins enjoying their holiday, back from the forest from  collecting firewood.
The colour is just popping gorgeous

Thank you for reading about my love in pictures for my grandparents’home in a remote Southern Botswana.

Thank you for stopping by!

Photo credits & Acknowledgements: To my Loving Husband & my family

Lebo @tsokungwoman

3 responses to “My Grandparents home|My childhood home”

  1. Thank you for taking me to Mmaleiso. I have indeed heard of Maisane. Growing up, my Mafhikana Primary used to play against Maisane Primary School.

    It’s my dream to visit the areas surrounding Kanye one day. I have loads of relatives there! You have perfectly validated my dreams, both in words and pictures! Thank you.

    P.S. Ke tswa pelo ke batla lomipi now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Nkgosi thanks for stopping by , I know right, you should ,those are very peaceful areas. I am a grand relative to the late Mma Lobatse ,her and your Mum were friends and attended church together (ke itumela go kopana le mongwe wa gaetsho)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, ohh wow! You see how we are also continuing their friendship!

    Liked by 1 person

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