Clay Detox on 4C hair

Bentonite clay has been very useful for detoxing the body for centuries. Many naturals use the bentonite clay that has been made for face-masking, but for me I bought an edible one by Pure South Nz even though I was not going to eat or drink it. This clay contains 100% bentonite clay and it’s benefits include removing toxins, heavy metals, for immune defence, clearer complexion, PH balancing etc.. click here to read more. But I thought these good traits might help my hair as well. I would say that any form of pure bentonite clay would work, the brand doesn’t really matter to me.




Starting with dry hair.



I wet my hair to dripping wet.

I then mixed my detangling mix which contained aloe vera juice + apple cider vinegar + conditioner + coconut water.I then applied and detangled my hair thoroughly.





I then washed off my detangling mix. I prepared my ingredients;


I needed raw apple cider vinegar and aloe-vera juice to mix with the clay . The clay is meant to be handled with non-metal equipment because metal interacts with the good effects we are looking for.

I then applied the clay mix straight away, on wet hair and let it to dry onto my hair. I stayed for about 45 minutes  with the clay on my hair uncovered.



I decided to mask my face as well.You will notice that I couldn’t smile on my selfies because the skin was held tight! LOL!

Then…Wash time! Until the water was all clear.


Processed with VSCO
wet hair with shrinkage
Processed with VSCO
defined curl pattern, bye-bye single/double strand knots


Processed with VSCO
After a few days, stretched hair looks amazing, my hair normally feels light, detangled and just lovely after a clay mask,

I am not a chemist but I know that the clay binds all the dirt and takes with it down the sink!!

Thank you for stopping by! Keep those fro’s slaying ladies!

Until next time

Lebo @tsokungwoman






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