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WELCOME Tsokung Naturals!


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Hey naturals! I hope you have been having a great time taking care of those kinks, coils and curls! I am back with our going natural in Sub-Saharan Africa/Botswana, let us talk about the pros and cons step by step on this series.

On the last post , we talked about how Botswana(Sub Saharan Africa) is half dry-to-dry climate . W e all now that deep conditioning is a great way to restore moisture into our thirsty hair roots and ends!

On this post I describe my step-by-step deep conditioning process:

I section my hair, detangle and put my hair into 2-strand twists.


I then shampoo my hair in twists and rinse



I then apply the deep conditioning treatment and cover with a plastic cap for about 8 hours. The amount of time you stay with your deep conditioner truly depends on what you think are your hair needs. I honestly think my hair is at the last scale of course-kinky hair category and I stay for a  long time with my deep conditioner on, so I don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions LOL! naughty me! but hey, it works for me..

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After rinsing off the deep conditioner , I like using a heavy oil like extra-virgin olive oil, or lighter ones like almond oil& flaxseed oil .

I then leave my hair in twists to air-dry. Watch how I took-down my braids,conditioned and styled my hair :


DAY 1 hair:


DAY 2 hair


Q . How do I reduce my hair  dryness in Sub-Saharan Africa?

A. Deep condition as frequent as once a week, and moisturize everyday

Please comment and let us know your thoughts on this series, questions or what works for you!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time , Love from;

Lebo @tsokungwoman

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