Natural hair pride: A sneak-peak into Illah’s Natural Hair Care & Story


Illah  is a natural hair beauty based in Tonota Town in Botswana. She first big chopped in March 2015 and started caring for her hair in a natural state.



I got tired of straight hair and retouching my hair often and I spent more out of my budget. My motivation to go natural was also elevated by a friend’s natural hair which was just thick, healthy and beautiful. I thought to myself that I simply wanted natural hair! I big chopped in March 2015 and I got excited , coloured my hair and tried out an s-curl hairstyle.I called it a low maintenance scheme hairstyle…

During her Teenie Weenie Afro days, Illah used the African threaded plaits locally known as “lemang ka ditselana” in Botswana, this name has been derived from the term “plant in rows!” . This was a common saying to encourage Batswana people to practice good agricultural ways by planting their crops in rows. I don’t know why I am telling you this but, I realise I am too proud of my Setswana language …

Now back to our proud natural,she preferred gentle hands and normally did about 10 lines to get controlled tension. She wore those kind of styles for about 2 weeks, considering atleast  2 weeks hair rest afterwards, which were then followed by braids singles sometimes.PhotoGrid_1472720364437


Well, the above products were the ingredients of Illah’s first hair spritz in 2015, remember that natural hair spritz mixtures are water based and enriched with oils.

I mixed Jamaican black castor oil, olive oil, water, palmers coconut formula, coconut oil and hair spray by sta-sofro. I used it on my hair every morning  and conditioned my scalp with the coconut hair food (yellow), however I do not experience scalp problems.

The most withstanding products for Illah were the Cantu Natural Hair range products which a friend got for her in the UK. These included the Cantu Argan-oil leave-in conditioning treatment, complete conditioning and coil calm detangler, her hair loved them.



Twisted hair with product on for  moisture restoration and nourishing hair ends.



This was January 2016

I follow an easy routine for my hair, I plait 2-3 weeks and get a breather for  2 weeks without any protective style on. When my beloved Cantu products run out, I have my palmers products to the rescue  from the above picture..

Illah use these products from the African pride range when her natural hair is out.


This was June 2016, a proud natural

I took my hair out even though it was winter, just to show off my natural hair!


Hair-out day selfies  are always irresistible!


Palmers Products from: Clicks Botswana

Cantu Products & Jamaican Black castor oil: Imported UK

Rosewater: Knockout Supermarket /Clicks Botswana

Coconut hair Food & Hair Spray by Sta-sofro: PEP stores/Local Supermarkets Botswana

African Pride Line Products: From Clicks Botswana, BWP 30 (USD 2.20) per product

Be sure to find @illah_charlie on Instagram/Facebook to see more of her amazing natural hair!!

Love from  @tsokungwoman. Please be our  Proud natural by emailing your story to: and comment below if you have questions for our Proud natural!

Until next time I’m out!

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