Little girls love their natural hair too| Introducing Tsokung lil’ princesses, we adore happy kids


Hello Naturals, If you read my blogs you will know that we have been featuring ladies under Tsokung proud naturals, I have recently asked myself this question,

How proud are our school girls of their natural hair ?

Well you guessed well because Tsokungwoman is introducing Tsokung lil’ Princess, yeah! Get your princess’ hair on point and lets celebrate their hair, because they love natural hair too.


On this post meet Nono, Her Mum wrote this post to inspire Mothers out there who want to care for their daughters’ hair in its natural state.

Meet Neo from Botswana, she writes:

I keenly admire ethnic hair care and for the past few years I have been researching on African ethnic hair care and I got well equipped to look after my daughter Nono’s hair in its natural state. Most school girls want to look like their mothers, and keeping natural hair myself inspired my daughter even more.

She is an athletic 8 year old karate enthusiast . She is a very active child and I am so proud of her

Nono started her natural hair journey mid 2014 after shaving the relaxed hair. She has 4C type hair which seems to be running in the family most probably  from our grandfather’s side. Our grandfather had this beautiful afro which he always combed nicely to the back of his head, We called it “the push back” which was amazingly stretchy as we pull onto it. My family has a high sense of humour people ♥.

Back in 2014,I Started wool-threading Nono ‘s TWA(short) afro for school ,as her hair journey began. That hairstyle is called “lemang ka ditselana” locally here in Botswana, meaning “plant in rows”, just to describe how the hairstyle looks like crops planted in rows. As a Mother I was highly dedicated and inspired and I also found the hairstyle very appropriate for school. As I mentioned above, that I did embark on a lot of research, I came across the Natural Hair In Botswana Facebook page which was recommended for me by Marea Malebang who adored my daughter’s hair and added me to the NHBots group, I learnt a lot from the ladies in the group, then managing my daughter’s hair was not only about her looking good to school but it also  became my passion, I knew what to do and I discovered what works and what doesn’t work for Nono’s hair.



Nono uses low sulfate formulation shampoos such as some from the Tresemme  brand.

Nono’s wash and go hairstyle( freshly, wet after-wash hair)

Hair treatment

1.Nono’s Hot oil treatment: Warm extra virgin olive oil is applied to scalp and hair ends and covered in plastic cap for half an hour or more.


2.Nono’s DIY protein treatment comprises of 1 egg+1 avocado+drops of lemon juice+cinnamon powder and a few more. The hair treatments are then followed by washing and rinsing with paw-paw DIY Infused water:

I boil paw-paw leaves in plain water, let it cool and later use for rinsing Nono’s hair


Picture source: Click here


Benefits of paw-paw:

Picture source : click here


  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Source of nutrients such as Vitamin A & C which promoter skin/scalp health
  • softens course & unruly hair
  • Removes dirt & oil
  • Removes chemical build-up
  • Control flakes and prevent dandruff



Detangler Picture Source: Click here


  • Aunt Jackie’s Knot on my Watch & Hair Milk Detangler
  • Laxi Hair spray + Olive oil  detangler mix


Laxi spray & Kit Picture source click here



Olive oil : Picture Source click here


Picture click here

Occasionally we add rosewater to our moisturising mix:

Any brand of organic rosewater from the supermarket or DIY will do. Picture source click here


Hair Ends Trimming

Her hair ends are trimmed every 3 months to get rid of dead old hair, single and double stranded knots. This promotes hair health and  growth. It is recommended that hair scissors should be sharp and  not cut anything else, we would like to have clean cut and not damage the hair.


scissors and comb
Picture source: click here




Picture source click here


Nono’s hair is normally stretched with braiding or the African threading method( Maphondo).

 I try out different kinds of hairstyles with Nono’s hair, Most of the hairstyles are done on dried stretched hair.Some I have shared below:

The roll &Tuck

The hair is sectioned across the head (side to side), and each section is rolled back and tucked in loosely with bobby pins.



The stretched side part

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Knot free ends , healthy hair

The high puff


Processed with VSCO
Kinky-Coily hair is our pride


The Banded/Crowned


Is there anything satisfying than seeing a Natural Princess on her BOt50 shirt ( Celebrating 50 years of Botswana’s Independence in 2016.)

The Cute Pom-Pom Puffs



 Tucked Braided Ends


Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO


Let’s teach our girls from a young age that their ethnic hair is beautiful enough, amazing enough and they are gorgeous. They are the same as the Princesses they see on Disney channel.

Let us not give our African hair unpleasant names, children hear these names and dislike their own ethnic hair. Let us teach them that this is God’s precious gift and He took time creating the coiled African hair, hence it is special.


  • Thank you @tsokungwoman
  • She is my inspiration
  • I love her cultural clothes
  • She is one of the women that makes me confident about my African looks
  • She is a true African Woman & We need women like her
  • I believe that in the future my daughter will be featured in her talk show
  • We love going through your traditional attire and Ethnic hair care posts with my daughter

I am so proud of how much Nono loves her hair, she refuses to hide it under protective styles, She wears it out proudly to church.

Lots of love by Neo featured in @tsokungwoman, Please be sure to comment and ask questions




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