Hey Tsokung Fam! I am back with a product review post. Afriberry is one of our new product companies for hair and skincare in the local market, originating from South Africa. They are about 2  years old in the market. They  present to us these loveable products in classy  lightweight packaging which is also travel friendly. I first heard about Afriberry in 2016 from Fine Pharmaceuticals, based in Gaborone, Botswana, who are also the distributors in Botswana.  Click here for more.

If you follow me through my social media accounts , you will be familiar with the Afriberry products that I have recently started using since January 2017. With about 2 months of use I feel like I am in a better position to share with you all my experiences of these products, so let’s get in to it!



This bottle right here contains, cold pressed coconut oil. 2017-02-21 01.46.24 1-1

I usually use  coconut oil for my hair and skin (in winter).  I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment for my hair, It also works well for nourishing those unruly hair ends.

Coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment for my twists before shampooing them is wonderful to prevent frizz and keep my coils revitalised and protected from the harsh effects of shampoo.




This bottle right here contains:

 Cold pressed Jamaican Black Castor oil                  IMG_20170131_210157.jpg

  • Conditions hair
  • stimulates hair growth
  • prevents knots
  • deals with the split ends
  • stronger hair & less breakage
  • thicker and rejuvenated hair
  • revitalises your strands                        click here for more

pimento oil  

  • stimulates blood circulation and secretion of hormones and generation of new cells. Click here for more

Shea butter

  • natural conditioner for hair
  • makes hair feels so soft
  • protects against harsh environmental conditions
  • perfect sealant for natural hair                         click here for more

Rosemary extract

Organic samponified oils of coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil

  • Samponification is a chemical process used in soap making to break an ester bond of a triaglyceride (fat) using an alkali or lye to result in glycerin/glycerol and fatty acid salts.

cow placenta extract

  • promotes hair growth by elongating the hair shaft
  • increases the hair follicle in number
  • placentas have been used in Chinese medicine to accelerate wound healing
  • placenta extract has abundant growth factors and hormones  click here for more

This oil is my favourite of all the Afriberry products I have tried. Since I have thick hair, this heavier oil is my friend, it just melts away the unruliness off my kinky-coarse strands.

Here is a video of me using this castor oil during my wash and go on 4C natural hair. Click below and Enjoy!





This bottle contains pure Argan ( Argania Spinosa) oil.                               Processed with VSCO

  • moisturising for skin and scalp
  • medicinal
  • treats dry damaged hair
  • UV protection
  • Fades scars          click here for more

This oil is lighter than the castor oil, if you have fine hair it will be great for you. I also love it on skin and I use it to oil my scalp.




This unrefined/raw , pure and natural Shea butter has the natural scent and the yellowish colour. It is a perfect sealant after washdays and moisturising. This rainy season, it has been my best friend to fight frizz.17373039_1334093876650382_921160791_o One more thing, those dry and chapped hands & heels will be no more if you own 1 of these.

Raw, Unrefined Shea butter is

  • natural conditioner for hair
  • makes hair feels so soft
  • protects against harsh environmental conditions
  • perfect sealant for natural hair
  •      click here for more

I love Shea butter to lay down my edges perfectly…



Click here to find your local supplier of these products!

Thank you guys  for stopping by and reading this review, Please be sure to comment, like and share with your friends, let us know what are your thoughts on these products! until next time , love by Lebo @tsokungwoman




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