Sleek Low Bun Hairstyle on short 4C naturalhair

Sleek bunon4C Naturalhair

Hey Guys, Last week I styled my hair in a sleek low bun hairstyle,and completely fell in love with it and I hope you will too.

I simply needed:

2017-12-15 09.37.35 2-1
Weightless Waves Curl Shaping Styler Gel by HASK Beauty
2017-12-15 09.37.35 1-1
Wide toothed comb
2017-12-15 09.37.33 1-1
Soft bristled brush
2017-12-15 09.37.37 1-1
Bobby pins and Hair bands

I also put all that in a video, Please watch below:

YouTube Video of my Sleek Bun on Short 4C Naturalhair

Thank you guys for Stopping by,

With lots of love

Lebo @tsokungwoman

5 responses to “Sleek Low Bun Hairstyle on short 4C naturalhair”

  1. It came out really cute

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  2. hey gal, @alayshasw11 thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like it.

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  3. Thanks Lebo. I enjoyed the video.


  4. O wow, I really love this style

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  5. Thank you my lady, I’m glad you like it!

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