Be your own kind of natural beauty in 2018

Happy first week of 2018 friends!

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To my afro-hair enthusiasts out there who love your wigs and hair bundles, how do you cope in this summer’s heat? Sometimes I feel like I want all the air in the atmosphere to touch my scalp LOL! .

This festive season I did not put my hair in any kind of  long term protective styling. I just let it be, occasionally styling it when going out.


This week we were rocking the bantu knot style, I don’t know if you had already noticed that my hairline got laid down so nicely this time, LOL! thanks to the eco styler gel.

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Styling my hair is one of my top hobbies, I always feel like an artist who create their work, take so much pride in it and can’t help it, but to lovingly share with their audience. Most of my friends always ask me how I make the time for my hair and how I learnt to do it myself. My answer always comes to the fact that I am passionate about it, and it effortlessly comes to me. Some friends are also curious about how I hardly keep my hair in protective styles like braids, but I do, just that I don’t do it often.

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Most black women nowadays keep their natural hair under wigs and hair bundles, therefore we do not notice that they keep natural hair because they do not wear it out in public. For most of them, it is not the case of being ashamed of their natural hair, as they say that they feel like the lifestyle of wearing natural hair out comes with the demand of high maintenance care for the hair. They believe so because, with the installation of wigs and hair bundles, all they need is simple cornrows which do not need to be neat. Most women also hate the idea of doing their own hair when it comes to natural hair care, and they normally have someone who does their hair once in a while to get it ready for installation of synthetic hair. Some of them just simply lock-in their hair and see a professional dreadlocks stylist every few weeks to a month. Either way, everyone gets to enjoy keeping their hair healthy and in the most comfortable way that they can.

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As for me, like most natural hair enthusiasts, I am hands-on with my hair. Keeping my hair natural has sparked that creativity within me. Also, the brittle nature of my hair encouraged me to handle my own hair the way I saw fit and therefore I do not trust an ordinary hair salon stylist to handle my hair.Processed with VSCO with  preset

In a nutshell, in the new year, I am planning to follow the natural hair trends carefully without losing my minimalist practices on the way, as well as not compromising my hair health by manipulating it into certain hairstyles.

What are your simple healthy hair goals for 2018?

How do you plan to be your own natural beauty in 2018?

Thank you guys for stopping by, until next time;

Lots of love by Lebo @tsokungwoman


4 responses to “Be your own kind of natural beauty in 2018”

  1. This was beautiful!!! Some motivation to have my natural hair out more often😭🌺❤ thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. Those bantu knots are WOW!!! I need eco styler in my life… clearly.

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  3. hey girl thank you, I am honoured that you are motivated.

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  4. Me too, the gel helps my unruly edges, Thank you for stopping by!

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