Do what you love | #FroInspoMonday

Processed with VSCO with  presetI know Mondays are not really common for wearing the ‘fro’ out like on Fridays. We normally have those kinks and coils tucked away in protective styles and ready to take on the week. Happy Monday friends, this Monday I thought of the #FroInspoMonday to share this simple hairstyle with you and share, just in one paragraph, my thoughts on “doing what you love”.

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“Doing what you love can be one of the factors that brightens your life as a woman. We delay to do so not because we do not want to start, but because we do not have the time for it, reasons being having another full time career, looking after your little ones as a mother, or just when we think we need a lot of money to follow our passion. I believe that the easiest way to stay motivated when following our passion is to share with others because in that way we feel like we do have a purpose in that area or career.”

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About this hairstyle, it is a 2 day old twist out from the weekend and I thought well, stretched hair is always exciting to see on photos, why not share it with my natural queens out there and celebrate the growth yeaah!.

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Accessories play a major role in my styling inspiration. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that I have been rocking my signature earrings and outstanding accessories, including colourful necklaces. Bobby pins are always a must have in helping to get that fro into the desired shape!Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Earrings: From Lovisa    AUD 13.99


Thank you friends for stopping by, Until next time:

With lots of love by;

Lebo @tsokungwoman

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  1. Thank you my lady @savvyzone

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  2. Nice one !

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