Tsoku Woman Agenda Manifesto is a set of ideas and traits exemplified by the futuristic and successful leaders in the Tsoku Woman Agenda Communty.

Tsoku woman Agenda is all about growth garnished with the spirit of ubuntu. We believe that for us to grow we do so by staying connected to each other and working together to succeed.

Tsoku Woman Agenda “Ubuntu principle driven” Manifesto

  • PASSION– Staying connected with others, hence helping others to become the best version of themselves as we do for ourselves
  • POTENTIAL– Find leadership within ourselves, nurture entrepreneurship.
  • FOCUS– Positive Mindset and Lifestyle.
  • VISION-Our humanity and connectedness enable us to grow together.
  • VALUES-Stay connected to one another and our roots to become the best version of ourselves.
  • WHY-find our purpose in abundance, grow and help others to do so.

I created Tsoku woman Agenda “Ubuntu Philosophy driven” Manifesto to highlight the main qualities that make YOU a successful leader in what you to, be it moving up the corporate ladder🪜 ,making profit from the things you love,or empowering other leaders to reach their potential. The Ubuntu Philosophy breeds selfless leaders which are exactly the ones we need in the future.

Dr Lebogang “Lebo” Ponatshego

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