My Grandparents home|My childhood home

Hello everyone on the internet! I share my passion and inspirations on my blog all the time and I thought something was missing, which is a home closest to my heart, My grandparents home. Here it is , to share with you all , the home that sheltered me throughout my childhood. We all love and respect our … Continue reading My Grandparents home|My childhood home


When you are homesick/ craving of Botswana “bogobe…

To all my Botswana homies who are living in another country with a different culture especially outside Africa where you hardly find any African-exported goods, and you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, keep reading. If you are a Botswana food- lover, I got some survival tips for you in whatever "desert" you are living … Continue reading When you are homesick/ craving of Botswana “bogobe…

I cook Botswana-Dikgobe/lohata (sorghum+beans)

Hello loves! This is my first cooking post, we all know that a taste from home is the best!  This time I thought one of the most  loved dish locally known as the "dikgobe" or "lohata"in Botswana , made with sorghum grains/maize and beans. The secret behind this dish is that the type of beans used … Continue reading I cook Botswana-Dikgobe/lohata (sorghum+beans)