Meet the author and co-founder of Tsokungwoman, Lebo.


Tsokung woman” is an African lifestyle inspired lady from Botswana , who highly values Botswana Identity  and adores Africa as a whole. I am  passionate about:

  • Farming
  • Natural Hair health & beauty
  • Travel & Outdoor
  • African-inspired fashion .
  • Free-hand sketching & Photography
  • I take my chances at reading and I look after people’s teeth by profession.

Tsokungwoman aims to inspire African Women and others to value their culture & customs that make their African ethnicity so unique and valuable. She will be sharing African ethnic haircare simple tips & pride photos, various outfits bought or custom made from the African cloth or animal skins, the African Woman’s lifestyle essentials  with great minimalism and simplicity:; without neglecting that we now live in the modern world & we now love trying out aspects from other cultures without completely abandoning our African Cultural values.

Given the fact that girls grow up inspired by their mothers and would like to be exactly like their mothers when they grow up, I believe that Women who have the strength to continue to be true to who they are, despite the pressures of our changing society will be able to raise girls who are depression-free when it comes to their body image, ethnicity and their capability towards success as women.

Tsokungwoman have successfully built an audience that has developed trust on her to get opinions on ethnic-haircare, inspirations to follow their passions etc.

Tsokung is a small farming rural area in Central Botswana , named after the beauty soil locally known as the “Letsoku” to Batswana. Letsoku is used in many parts of Africa as a beauty and  protective foundation for skin. It is highly valued by African Women and it is available in different colours. The “Letsoku” soil was an icon of the African woman’s beauty in the olden days, It was mixed with oil, petroleum jelly or body lotion for easy handling and application.

On this site  she will  be  sharing  her  passions  and  hope to inspire  those  with similar interests. Tsokungwoman is keen to write about her sources of  inspiration  towards Botswana culture, values, lifestyles and generally the bits and pieces that makes her African roots very important to her as we live in the modern world.

Behind everything I do there is an ambitious ,hardworking man


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