My Auckland Experience| Exploring New Zealand 2016


Auckland New Zealand, Picture source, click here


Hello Everyone! I am back, and compliments of the new season, I hope you had an amazing time with friends and family celebrating the new year 2017.As you all know, January is that time of the year where by we look back in time and recap on the things we did or did not do.I was in Auckland September 2016 just for 3 days on a school event and I got to visit only 1 beach and the Auckland CBD.

Auckland is a beautiful city and one of the highly populated cities of New Zealand, with a population size of about 1 and half million people. It is based around 2 large harbours in the North Island of New Zealand.


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Maraetai is the Maori word meaning “meeting place by the sea”


Beachlands is the closest town to Maraetai about 4km to the west, it was a lovely sunny day, I remember seeing a guy with his drums and having a great time playing the drums just by himself.

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On the left is the house that rotates, at Maraetai




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Auckland CBD

My Camera did not have good lighting  , but I was able to capture the iconic sky tower.


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Workshop on

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Until next time, lots of love by Lebo @Tsokungwoman

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I was having a bad hair day but hey, Auckland was amazing, Picture taken at at Maretai Beach

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