I cook Botswana-Dikgobe/lohata (sorghum+beans)


Hello loves! This is my first cooking post, we all know that a taste from home is the best!  This time I thought one of the most  loved dish locally known as the “dikgobe” or “lohata”in Botswana , made with sorghum grains/maize and beans. The secret behind this dish is that the type of beans used greatly influence the taste of the “dikgobe”.


I measured a cup of sorghum grains, and soaked them for an hour. A cup and 1/2 of beans were also soaked for an hour.



I boiled the sorghum grains for 20 minutes before I added the beans.


When the mixture was well done, I chopped some vegetables, lightly stir-fried and flavoured them to my liking for taste.


I then added the vegetables and let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes .




Please comment and let us know what ingredients you like for the “Lohata/dikgobe”

Lebo @tsokungwoman


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